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What is S2A?
Science to Action (S2A) is a national initiative with the objectives of supporting nation building through S&T, while raising the profile of S&T in national development.

Where is S2A in the entire STI scheme of things, or national plan and development?
S2A is an extension of the current national transformation programs by intensifying Science to build knowledge based economy. Essentially infusing S&T across the current national development & planning.

Can you share the new structure of STI governance? S2A vs NSTIC? S2A vs STI Policy? S2A vs NSRC? S2A vs Mosti.
We have established the National Science, Technology & Industry Council as the supreme council on national STI related agendas. YAB PM is the Chairman of NSTIC. He also chairs GSIAC, an advisory platform with participation of prominent global individuals. Other 14 national councils related to STI will be chaired by the respective ministers or captains of industry.

They would then bring their issues to the NSTIC which the MOSTI Minister and the Science Advisor have role as co-secretaries.

S2A as a National initiative would also feed information or current status of STI to NSTIC.

S2A vs STI Policy
STI Policy (NSTIP) is a holistic policy on STI with 6 thrusts. The various ministries related to STI will be the implementing agencies to these thrust.

S2A plays a role to ensure coordination among various ministries to ensure successful implementation of programs.

MOSTI is a ministry leading/focusing on national STI agenda & development. S2A will work closely with MOSTI and the rest of STI related ministries (KKMM, KeTTHA, MOA, MOH..) to ensure smooth coordination between ministries in any national agendas.
Example: Internet of Things Blueprint development

S2A coordinated for MIMOS(MOSTI) led >30 stakeholders to produce IoT Strategic Initiative document (contains industry recommendations, technology proposals) which then to be forwarded to MCMC (KKMM) to utilize it as base document in producing the National IoT Blueprint.


What s the role expected from academia? What buy-in do you expect from academia/universities? Where can they come in to contribute or participate?‎
S2A is encouraging the lab-to-market exercise by nurturing the researchers/scientist to become technopreneurs through its specific flagship programs under Science4Industry thrust:

‘INVEST SCIENCE’ element, private-public partnership entities are to be created via industry driven 60:40 model to undertake development of businesses in strategic science and technology sector.

‘ENTERPRISING SCIENCE’ will focus on developing competitive and resilient SMEs through various programs and facilitation of mechanism; to technology acquisition, and commercialization of R&D findings to be extended to enhance SMEs productivity.

‘SEEDING SCIENCE’ will promote active commercialization of R&D findings to open opportunities in the development of technopreneurship among scientists and researchers.

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